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Final Count Down
[2018-12-18   10:11 GMT]

WTI Crude Oil is not far from 2019-target at $25; What time?

EURUSD is far still from 2019-target at PAR and below, and

Gold is still far my 2019-target at 1000 and below!

May 2019-Pip Be With You!


Not Innuendo Rectangle,
[2018-12-18   10:10 GMT]

EURJPY has graphed an amazing rectangle for more than a month, pointing to a width of 170 pips. It ‘s target would be achieved very quickly one a serious break beyond border is triggered. Will FOMC do the job?

Rise Or Not To Rise, That Is The Final Question For 2018
[2018-12-18   08:03 GMT]

FED increased rates three times this year. Decision on raising again is coming tomorrow and chairman Powell holds press conference afterwards. Probability of increasing the benchmark by 25 basis is 78%, leveling to 2.5%

 The President of the United States Won’t like that increase at all!

Rectangle Pattern Supported by 75%
[2018-12-10   09:15 GMT]

EURJPY rally for almost 10 days since 26 October has ended with a retracement at 75%, graphing a rectangle pattern between 23% and 75% Fib line being developed within almost one month. This rectangle is bordered by 129.30 and 127.40.

A close beyond border is needed to go further.

USDCAD Double Rising Wedge,
[2018-11-16   07:28 GMT]

There is a nice daily bearish wedge that started with the green TLs only to develop false-break on either borders and reform a newly wider bearish wedge as marked by the drawings of red TLs. It is too early to call for a major slump as the panic descent of crude oil hasn’t sealed bottom yet.

The current price stands at 1.3160 and a drop towards to 1.3100 will be excelled by our buy signal targeting one figure. Only a close below the yellow daily descending TL negates the upping move of one figure.

US Avoids Shocking Oil Jump
[2018-11-06   04:35 GMT]

U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday said he wants to impose sanctions on Iran’s oil gradually, citing concerns about shocking energy markets and causing global price spikes.

“This has nothing to do with Iran... I could get the Iran oil down to zero immediately but it would cause a shock to the market. I don’t want to lift oil prices,”  and “If you notice, oil prices are going down very substantially, despite the fact that already half of their capacity is gone,” adding “it will be a gradual” imposition of oil sanctions,” he told reporters at US Joint Base Andrews in Maryland.

The United States on Monday restored sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, banking and transport sectors and threatened more action, part of a wider effort to curb Tehran’s missile and nuclear programs and diminish the Islamic Republic’s influence in the Middle East, notably its support for proxies in Syria, Yemen and Lebanon. Trump’s moves target Iran’s main source of revenue, its oil exports, as well as its financial sector.

One thing is certain: Europe is angry at the U.S. for unilaterally scuttling the Iran deal and possibly crushing the Iranian economy, which could further destabilize the region and lead to an even greater refugee flow toward Europe. Whatever the outcome, Iran will never submit to Washington’s twelve conditions and is preparing itself for a long siege as Trump is winning a second term.

Technically, Sanction Is Bringing Oil Price to Hell - Not Excluding $20 Within Months, Crude Oil WTI is becoming interesting for a crash

Obstacle I. Double Top ahead of imposing sanction

Obstacle II. Retreat ahead of 61% Fib

Obstacle III. Weekly bearish rising wedge formation

Good Luck!

Dollar Index - Your Error,
[2018-11-01   07:03 GMT]

Click at the RED button at the bottom of the page “Dollar Index Sep 2018.”

The chart clearly states that only a close below 94.00 will drive the next wave towards 92.00.

The type of chart that was selected is Heikin Ashi and not the standard Bars.

By observing the difference, Heikin Ashi didn’t close below 94.00 for five consecutive attempts while the Bars did from the first attempt.

Therefore, you should kindly pay plenty of attention at every single detail before you jump in to conclusions.

Good Luck!

EURNZD Reversal,
[2018-11-01   06:21 GMT]

Has the ascending triangle gotten hammered by the monthly close of October?

Imagine September is one bar (green) and October is another one bar (red). It sounds as a reversal pattern where a new high was triggered in Oct above September’s high, only to be fully reversed and closed the October’s candle below September’s low.

I would say we have a bearish engulfing pattern at the resistance of the ascending triangle and may portend a strong bearish trend targeting at least 1.7000. Rally should be exhausted near 1.7400 and only a close above October’s high negates the pattern.

USDCAD Visit Target: Sky
[2018-10-26   08:01 GMT]

Today, is important for USDCAD to clear the daily trendline and process a new upping wave after the release of BOC benchmark statement.

Equity In The Making,
[2018-10-24   04:22 GMT]


Trump once again unleashed on the Federal Reserve and its chairman, Jerome Powell, during a 30-minute Oval Office interview with the Wall Street Journal, once again blaming the central bank for the market chaos that's erupted over the past few weeks. Ignoring the pleas of his closest advisors and practically every financial professional in the US, the president stepped up his attacks on Powell, telling the chronicle of American capitalism that it's "too early to tell" if he regrets nominating the Fed chairman.

That, of course, cuts against comments made by the president earlier this month when he insisted that he has no intention of firing Powell (though it's unclear whether he would have the authority to remove a sitting Fed chair).

And for those who have until now brushed aside Trump's angry attacks as an example of the president "just venting" over the recent pullback in markets, Trump told WSJ in no uncertain terms that he was "intentionally sending a direct message to Mr. Powell that he wanted lower interest rates."

While the Fed is supposed to be independent "in theory", Trump suggested that he wouldn't keep quiet and let the central bank wreck the economy.

“I’m just saying this: I’m very unhappy with the Fed because Obama had zero interest rates.” Pressed about what he believes is the biggest threat to the US economy, Trump replied: "The Fed" adding that every time he tries to do something great, they spoil the party.

Notably, Trump also referred to the economy as "my economy" and complained that he couldn't be expected to compete with Obama, who benefited from near-zero rates during his entire tenure in office.


Disintegrating Latin America
[2018-10-23   05:34 GMT]

Per Reuters, Pompeo warned during a visit to Mexico City that "when China comes calling it’s not always to the good of your citizens".

Though Pompeo clarified that the US has nothing against legitimate Chinese investments. But "when they show up with a straight-up, legitimate investment that's transparent and according to the rule of law, that's called competition and it's something that the United States welcomes," said Pompeo. "But when they show up with deals that extend cheap credit, then seize assets - like they did with a port in Sri Lanka - that will help further the country's neocolonialist ambitions.

Also, Mike Pence centered his criticism of China's economic aggression around the country's strategy of using credit as a tool to entrench its global dominance and further expand its One Belt One Road global development strategy.

On the other hand, the state-run China Daily newspaper said Pompeo’s comments were "ignorant and malicious" and that criticisms surrounding the country's use of "debt traps" were false and accused the US of "trying to drive a wedge" between China and Latin America.

"Relations between China and Latin America are based on mutual respect and equality. As China is winning trust and support from Latin America, the U.S. feels lost and is trying to drive a wedge."

Recently, China has been making inroads that have driven several Latin American countries away from the US sphere of influence. Over the past two years, three Latin American countries - El Salvador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic - have switched diplomatic ties from Taiwan to Beijing. And China's money-for-oil loans have essentially kept Venezuela's disintegrating economy on life support. America's dominance of the region may be nearing its twilight - no matter what Pompeo does or doesn't say.

[2018-10-23   05:09 GMT]


Sterling Close
[2018-10-19   08:19 GMT]


Sterling Weekly Close Is Important today. A bounce on those supports is needed in order to keep the Ascending triangle in good shape.

AUDUSD Repetitive Action
[2018-10-17   05:42 GMT]

Audusd has a splendid downward channel at the 4hr timeframe. Each downward wave has retraced almost to 76.40% before a new low is shown. If history is to be believed, sell a rally towards 0.7250 for a new low

AUDNZD Head & Shoulder
[2018-10-17   05:41 GMT]

(Update) AUDNZD has managed to close below the base of the rectangles yesterday thus confirming another strong south close after it triggered a wash 2 days ago below 2018 TL. The concerned voice about being bullish which was on standby mode has been erased and concentration is to be moved towards trading the south wave as long as 1.10 holds any bounce.

[2018-10-16   07:19 GMT]

A nice daily chart is coming off the ground: CHFJPY has been descending non-stop since it peaked last month at 118.00. this slide has been nowadays in touch with the support band between 113.00 and 113.50. this band has acted before as resistance and was tested 10 times already this year. It could mean that a further fall should be difficult to maintain and correction is viewed a priority. Are you interested to long the cross? Then set your stop if a close below the up sloping trendline (red) is triggered. Collect your greed in pips.

Lira Under Maintenance,
[2018-10-15   09:18 GMT]

Turkish Lira should improve in nowadays cycle after freeing the pastor. The good news between Erdogan and Trump this weekend along with the descending triangle should be translated into targeting 5.40

The $100 and the $25
[2018-10-15   09:16 GMT]

The tensions between Saudi Arabia and United States have left Crude Oil ascending triangle target untouched, at 78.80. Now, the price is back at the previous breakout level near 72.00. This $72.00 is acting as support along with the up sloping trendline, reading $71. A close below $71 should dismiss the rally and pummel would be favored. Stay Tuned!

Gauge of Fear,
[2018-10-12   06:06 GMT]

The monthly chart shows that today VIX would weekly-close for the first time above the downsloping trend line aging 9-year. Coincide this gauge with US Midterms Elections, and here we go: unwinding US stocks is the most valuable instrumental decision you would ever be taking. Good Luck! Hell is Hell and that is famous for the Elites!

IMF & Bitcoin
[2018-10-10   06:03 GMT]

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned the "rapid growth" of bitcoin and cryptocurrency assets could create "new vulnerabilities in the international financial system," as the world's banks adjust to the recent bitcoin and blockchain boom.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, including Ripple Lab's XRP token, ethereum, litecoin, EOS, and stellar, are being examined by the traditional financial system to gauge how they might be integrated as both investment tools and ways to move money across borders more quickly and cheaply.

Excitement around how bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies, based on the blockchain distributed ledger, has propelled the price of many major cryptocurrencies to stratospheric highs over the last 12 months. Last year, the bitcoin price ballooned from less than $1,000 at the beginning of 2017 to almost $20,000 in December.

The bitcoin price has since fallen sharply back, currently trading at around $6,500, and dragging many of the biggest cryptocurrencies with it — many of them recording 80% declines from their peaks.

"Cybersecurity breaches and cyber attacks on critical financial infrastructure represent an additional source of risk because they could undermine cross-border payment systems and disrupt the flow of goods and services. Continued rapid growth of crypto assets could create new vulnerabilities in the international financial system," according to the fund's latest World Economic Outlook report, out today. Forbes

Going South Bitcoin
[2018-10-10   06:00 GMT]

Bitcoin has traced a bearish flag which indicates that low has not accurately been sealed. Buyers should pay attention to this flag set up as we do not ignore a wave towards the green zone and below to be materialized. Current hour is developing the next wave. Welcome to the South!

EURCHF Clumsy Landing
[2018-10-10   05:42 GMT]



A picture is worth a thousand words


AUDNZD Against HS Pattern
[2018-10-10   05:25 GMT]

There is a nice Head and Shoulder pattern charted with neckline reading 1.0840. The recent congestion as shown in the green rectangle has ended flirting with the upsloping trend (yellow) line of year 2018 then it bounced back to the top of the rectangle. Such a bounce indicates that the rally has not ended yet and the market should levy the price further. Buyers should pay attention at 1.0840 strong fundamental support.

GBPJPY Rectangle,
[2018-10-10   05:25 GMT]

GBPJPY 3-week consolidation at the high of July after a 100% retracement in the form of U-turn indicates two ways: the market is in leeway and it is either heading towards 152.55 or 144.15. The break of the rectangle is what we would be looking for. From our perspective, there is a fight between the daily and the weekly scenario where this battle imposes a trigger of both levels.

EURCAD Retreat,
[2018-10-09   07:19 GMT]

EURCAD retracement has so far reached the below side of the GAP near 1.4950. The retracement has come out of touching the double bottom of the year at 1.4800 where this retreat should continue to close the gap and perform a test of resistance that is marked by August and September low at almost 1.5100 – 1.5070 exact.

Selling 1.5070 is preferable rather than buying current price to satisfy the details of the cross.

European Waves,
[2018-10-08   06:58 GMT]

EURUSD slide of the previous week should not be fading yet, however, that does not mean a rally isn’t going to be ignited. Selling rally is the best approach for today’s squadron and would be happy if 1.1630 is printed to add to the sell phenomenon. A bi-daily close above 1.1630 will negate the splash directed by either of the three expected waves.

Platinum Upping,
[2018-10-08   06:51 GMT]

We like the structure of the bullish set up for the platinum. The pattern is translated into ascending triangle targeting 1000. Yet, we should be wary if a close below 900 is configured.

Dilemma GBPUSD,
[2018-10-08   06:45 GMT]

The behavior of the sterling at the start of the week should be set under standby mode. Currently, the market doesn’t belong to the blue channel neither to the yellow one, an indication that a consolidation framework is in charge.

Let the market clear either side, yellow support or blue resistance in order to evaluate the next wave.

The South of Sterling
[2018-10-04   08:42 GMT]

Counting matters; the power of balance matters. This graph of sterling implies that the pair cannot seal a bottom yet. The counting from the left side of the chart is six, and it shot up in sequence through the formulation of higher lows and higher highs. At the top, the market reversed headily and prepared a 100% reversal approach. The counting on the right side of the chart should balance the counting on the left side. Right now, we are on the making of the forth count and two counts are left to be executed.

[2018-10-04   08:35 GMT]

Don’t confront the descending channel of the Kiwi which holds over 45 degree angle; it is to head towards an unchartered area on the short time scale. Buyers, say goodbye to your stupid trade and the wash out is coming right at your face!

Bitcoin < 0.00
[2018-10-04   08:33 GMT]

Technically, simply stated, Bitcoin descending triangle remains valid targeting MINUS ONE THOUSAND, meaning below zero level

[2018-10-04   08:30 GMT]

What happens to copper from September 2017 to September 2018?

It established a base (marked in purple)

This base turned into resistance (marked in red)

Market is holding 38% retracement and might jump to 50% as final touchdown before plummeting again

A close above 3.0 negates the bearish move. Go ahead!

Crude Oil WTI,
[2018-10-03   05:45 GMT]

The chart is simple, actually, very and very simple – check what OPEC says about the happiness of triggering the $80.00 per barrel and check how that price meets a monthly downsloping trendline of 10 years! Really, no further comment is needed!

Dollar Index,
[2018-10-03   05:38 GMT]

The chart is in dilemma where two contracting patterns are identified. In the first pattern, a clear rectangle is traced targeting 97.70 as long as no close below 93.70 is taken. In the second pattern, is assumed to be favoring the bear move, a Head and Shoulder pattern that depicts a target at 90.50 as long as no close above 97.70 is locked.

What do you want to believe is greatly this time up to you! Stay Tuned!

[2018-10-02   06:41 GMT]

What do you see? An uptrend

What the market is doing recently? Consolidation

Technically, what does it mean? Market is pausing after a huge rally

What’s the next forecast? Usually, the market should rally further once consolidation is terminated

How do we know when the consolidation is off agenda? When a break beyond border is triggered.

Signal: Stand By Mode and let’s wait for a break!

Dollar Index,
[2018-10-02   06:33 GMT]

Our homework is always done at its best. let's revise the chart of the dollar index which was published on the 18th of september 2018 ( red box).
the market hasn't punched a close below 94, thus entrusting a u-turn and the dollar rallied. waiting for the close below 94.00 was greatly necessary to target 92.00.

ForexSurvivor Policy Course

Mapped By Predecessor

i. The market is full of fat tail risks that are impossible to predict and can shift market fundamentals without warning.

ii. Markets can remain irrational a lot longer than traders can remain solvent.

iii. Unless we get some sort of new action, volatility isn't likely to spike out of whack.

iv. A hedge fund manager makes a series of lucrative trades based on research from analysts at his firm and conversations with industry consultants. Some of those consultants have access to nonpublic information, but the manager doesn't trade on just a single thread of data. Instead, he culls together various tidbits of information from every nook and cranny of the market to stitch together a picture of a company.

v. There's an old market adage that says it's those quiet, unassuming price trends which are the ones most likely to continue.

vi. If you are inclined to enjoy puzzles, numbers, finance, economics, business, mathematics, science, psychology, and statistics, the market will be a most enjoyable space to thrive.

vii. Charts illustrate the pendulum swing between supply and demand, and the fight between buyers and sellers. The SLOPE is the master and commander of the trade, and Fibs are the checkpoints to either lighten or increase the trade size known as load.

viii. Silver lining known as Safe haven is defined as a currency, stock or commodity favored by investors in times of crisis because of its stability and/or easy liquidation, generally have lower returns.

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