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NonySqueak News:

Italy Referendum : Italiano Vero,
[2016-12-06   06:41 GMT]

EURUSD tested the nerves of the bears at the low of the big weekly double bottom for year 2014-2015 (not shown) at1.0500 during Italy Referendum Day. The test has won bulls’ hearts for now, for a short run that may last till the big day: Interest Rate day.

 The rally of yesterday is showing a resilience stance yet below 1.0820 as market needs to digest the overbought zone of several indicators, along with the CHOP indicator showing a very bearish move that resulted in extreme oversold situation, which should let euro retrace to the ex-resistance zone at 1.0660.

 The 1.0660, or the 1.0600 band, is a good launching platform for the bulls to re-load ammunition targeting 1.0820, and 1.0900. Simply note, the exit should be triggered once a close below Italy Referendum Low of yesterday is on mark.


[2016-12-01   06:20 GMT]

GBPCAD has a good technical demonstration. After breaking July-Sep Daily trendline, the cross kept hovering above that downsloping reddish trendline, and not only, it kept floating above the fib 38% of the rally that started at 1.5880, October low.

Therefore, the bullish stance supported by the demo described above should keep the cross under climb process towards 1.7560. The buy level is good at this level and the add may be set as limit at 1.6240. Only Weekly Close below 1.6170 negates the entry to the sky.


Sterling Rectangle Squeezed; Stay Tuned!
[2016-11-30   07:17 GMT]

The Next Cross in GBPUSD,

Creating a rectangle by force, an unprecedented illusion, to make it workable by eliminating those candlesticks outside the normal zones (two red rectangles.) The blue rectangle graphed at the end of the long term red-trendline is getting squeezed as downsloping trendline is getting the break, so the blow is on preparedness. Which way?

Wait for a break outside the rectangle and follow trend accordingly. Once a close above the rectangle is pinned, that means we have two serious closings: one beyond long term red trendline and the other beyond the rectangle.

Italy Referendum
[2016-11-30   05:35 GMT]

Be wary of fundamental events - among the end of the month, NFP, & Italy referendum, not forgetting today’s OPEC meeting, the market will spark spikes that has nothing to do with technical studies. All of those waves would be erased because the main concentration for December is the soaring of the Interest rate.

Chart in Pips,
[2016-11-29   11:48 GMT]

The table attached shows the result of each chart loaded in the “Chart mainstream window.” A total of 1990 pips for forex, 1000 pips for energy, 550 metal, 970 stocks. This result has nothing to do with NonySqueakNews that yielded up to date over 7,000 pips.

EURCAD Simple Analysis A La complicated Form
[2016-11-29   04:59 GMT]

Technically, EURCAD isn’t simple to trade. Fundamentally, the bearish move of euros in the coming months should force this cross to wave in parallel. I represent the daily chart where rally started in March 2015 at 1.3017.

This particular rally has had the 61% Fib line at 1.4200 supported for months, mainly after one year from establishing the rally 1.3017 – 1.6111. in other words, 61% fib line at 1.42 was a support line for the whole 2016, at least till now (end of November).

The last few days, the daily candlesticks point to an engulfing pattern and at the base of the rectangle, an indication that the flow towards the south is far from completion.

The symmetrical triangle was broken and a rectangle was developed afterwards. However, the symmetrical triangle does confirm a target at 1.3400 as shown by the blue arcs, and it targets indeed south because a rectangle was patterned after a downward move of almost 1800 pips (1.6111-1.4200). by definition, a rectangle being developed after a trend, will break up towards the continuation pattern of that trend. So south be it!

The red arcs shows the formation of head and shoulder & the neckline coincides pretty almost with the base of the rectangle.

What do we need? A weekly or monthly close below the base of the rectangle (hopefully, it does it tomorrow) so we can establish afterwards a bearish post to target 1.3400, the target of the rectangle (green arcs)that coincides with the target of the symmetrical triangle.

Signal: Sell the weekly/monthly close below rectangle base. Add at the downward sloping trendline that is reading today 1.50 (in some days or weeks, it would read 1.48), target 1.3400. exit the trade if a weekly close above 1.5300 is triggered – the high of the US election day.

Industrial Metals
[2016-11-28   06:01 GMT]

The market is driven by bullish sentiment in all metals. Copper surged, Coal surged, and now Zink and Lead are surging ahead of Trump Infrastructural plan for revitalizing US economy

Dollar Pauses for a Breath,
[2016-11-28   05:53 GMT]

The dollar fell the most since September versus major peers as traders focused on events this week that could derail its rally. The yen led the rebound versus the greenback weighing on Japan’s Topix index after the longest rally in 17 months. The pull back comes before updates on U.S. gross domestic product, personal spending and nonfarm payrolls this week. Afterwards, the yen is going to be the most interest-rate sensitive out of the G-7 currencies. The slump in dollar yen is called retracement and dollar buyers would re-enter market after NFP releases its data to price in the rise of interest rate next month.

WTI Last Minutes Negotiations,
[2016-11-28   05:39 GMT]

OPEC to reach or not to reach output deal is the question for the start of the week as its meeting is set on November the 30th . Last week, we warned of oil high volatility, we showed technically the inside range that was expected to blow the conscience of the rally, and concluded in the end that OPEC meeting would succeed yet at a fair decision which means that any $10rally after OPEC meeting is sellable. The sellable rally comes from a non-elusive final stretch: the lack of confidence within OPEC ministries suggests that members won’t keep their promises because raising production remains impressionistic .

Glimmer of Hope Will Fade,
[2016-11-25   06:38 GMT]

OPEC might finally make a production cut, the first since 2008, which will send prices upward, however, RALLY WOULD BE SHORT LIVED. Iran & Iraq are on board for a production cut, needless to say though, the political stance between US and Iran shoves prices down due to “new sanctions” against the latter.

With less than a week until the crucial Vienna ministerial meeting, the refusal of just one major producer to participate could scuttle the whole deal. Oil ministers have not been enough to build confidence in OPEC and the market has turned into full wait-and-see mode.

The mainstream would focus on Iran, the group’s third-largest producer, insisting it should be allowed to keep increasing output to pre-sanctions levels of about 4 million barrels a day, whilst Russia’s offer to freeze production at record levels. Moscow is changing its rhetoric to show its commitment to a deal and the new wording shows Russia is trying to convince OPEC partners. (Bloomberg)

December: FED Interest Rate
[2016-11-24   07:29 GMT]

Today is a day that Lord has made, do rejoice and be glad it in it (Psalm 18:24) - Happy Thanksgiving Day.

Next month is the last month that will contain a third blow to the market after Brexit and the outcome by US election which we warned about. The last blow would be defined by the FED to soar interest rate. Everybody agrees that this rate would be increased in the next FOMC meeting but disagrees by how much it’d be increased.

The dollar isn’t buckling by any inches, instead, it is soaring to unprecedented levels unseen for more than a decade, surpassed the 100, currently at 102, and target is set at 110 before Trump resides. If this expectation is true, it is surely is, then Gold would tumble further to new yearly low and may reach 1,000, not eliminating 800.

The one who warned you about Yes, there is Brexit, Yes Trump would be President, is warning you again: Gold Target is set at 1,000. Take it or Leave it! Anthony Samaha

Happy Thanksgiving Day
[2016-11-24   06:29 GMT]

The market is taking FED more seriously than ever: hiking interest rate is coming, dollar soars to the highest in more than a decade, gold buckles and it should reach rush to attain a new yearly low, to meet ForexSurvivor target at 1,000, while EURUSD should keep the speed limit towards PAR. Extension of records is being seen on bond and US equity while the rally in dollar, which is anticipated by the expectation of rise in interest rate, will disavow any new rally in emerging market assets. Last, the weakness in yen to persist at least till 1.1500 per dollar even though yesterday the price flirted with 61% fib line at 1.1300 of the plummet that started at 121.68, the highest in January 2016.

New Account - Twitter
[2016-11-23   09:07 GMT]

ForexSurvivor has hired “Diana” as a Currency Strategist for ForexSurvivor. You should be following her (twitter: @Trading_Gate) for indulging her fun character alongside her serene simple trading concepts. She will surely adjusts color and brightness unlike any other to the instruments you want to trade. She is indeed superior in every way! Perhaps, her program is a great investment idea! to those who do not follow the busy day-to-day happening of Wall Street, it appears confusing and intimidating, and many would-be investors become discouraged. For her clients, investing in forex, indexes, commodities, and energies is a simple process. It can be educational, challenging, and, with a little patience, very rewarding.

Crude Oil Target set @ $60
[2016-11-21   08:09 GMT]

Money managers, producers and consumers made the biggest bets on West Texas Intermediate crude prices in nine years, amid signals more volatility is coming. “when OPEC meeting is over there will have been a lot more smoke than fire,”

Copper Market too Bullish too Quickly
[2016-11-21   07:30 GMT]

Donald Trump’s pledges on infrastructure building will increase metals demand. The frenzy, copper, picked up steam after the election victory for Trump, who’s called for $1 trillion of infrastructure investment over the next decade. Now, Goldman says that prices have risen too far too fast. (Bloomberg); Technically, the metal is on our watch list.

ForexSurvivor Portfolio,
[2016-11-18   07:35 GMT]

ForexSurvivor portfolio [trades currencies with spread less than six pips, indexes, crude oil, natural gas, commodities be it gold and silver] has its achievements soared beyond target. At the beginning of the year, we aimed at 50% for year 2016. Today, despite Brexit, our portfolio has achieved 200%, 150% beyond target.

You are welcome to ask for the real statement by the end of the year.

Kiwi After the Quake,
[2016-11-18   07:30 GMT]

NZDJPY sudden-drop during Brexit & US election day were confronted immediately afterwards by an uptrend. The shape of the chart doesn't allow much explanations as target is set at 82.50. Stop is set via

Crude Oil Upping
[2016-11-16   06:25 GMT]

WTI Crude Oil currently at $45. Fasten your seat belt as the price is coming to hit $60 withing OPEC final diplomatic mission, which would be VERY SUCCESSFUL. However, after reaching $60, the barrel will fall hard on its neck, triggering $20 by mid 2017.

Europe's Abyss
[2016-11-15   05:43 GMT]

EURUSD in a single definition: when a rectangle is formed after a downtrend, another downtrend 2b initiated. Rectangle target 0.94. Our longer term euro cycles had already identified 1.1500 as peak till PAR is triggered.

[2016-11-14   04:46 GMT]

EURUSD has not sustained its initial break of the eight month resistance line at 1.1185 during US election day. Today, We note both the divergence of the daily RSI and the TD perfected set up, which points to no interest in near term rebound.

We look for losses further to be printed within a new yearly low for 2016, near our initial target at 1.0682 the 32-year support line, before we head to PAR.

Resistance is one and only: Close above 1.1500 negates the bear move and which is an unlikely scenario for the rest of the year.

Winner Predicted.
[2016-11-11   04:52 GMT]

The 45th US President Donald Trump was nominated by ForexSurvivor as winner as per its 09 September 2016 Newsletter edition. Till today, we keep receiving notes that the market is surprised by such a win, while most were expecting Hillary Clinton. For the 100th time, you need the slight information of ForexSurvivor on your desk – especially when it has warned you on its NonySqueakNews lines that Volatility is Back on 26/10/2016 few days ahead of US election.

What is ForexSurvivor?

ForexSurvivor is a dynamic trading system that avoids all market noises and trades all instruments including currencies, commodities and equities. This program is neither a trend-following nor a counter-trend system but a combination of both. ForexSurvivor was created early in 2000 and after eighteen months of rigorous testing, ForexSurvivor Partners decided to start live trading, since the system was out-performing most of the existing FX benchmarks.

ForexSurvivor offers a Complete Solution to Successful Trading By

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